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Steffen Knop


New Technologies Today and Tomorrow (Lecture and Case Studies)
Module 2

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1972. After studying economics and computer science with a focus on marketing and organisational aspects, he entered the business of event marketing at the reknowned company facts+fiction. In April 1999, he began his employment with Pixelpark Cologne. There he was responsible for building up the media practice group from the content view. Key projects of this group were, and a participation in the Bertelsmann Broadband Group Prototypes. won the Eyes and Ears award twice and is considered Europe's most successful internet page for children, was nominated for the Grimme online award. In 2000, Steffen Knop was asked to become the Director Strategic Concept Development at Pixelpark Berlin, where he is now responsible for coordinating their iTV Business with clients such as ZDF, Loewe, Sony and Nokia. In September 2002 he left Pixelpark and is now very busy freelancer for developing new and media applications. He also teaches in the faculty for “digital producing” at the Filmschool in Baden-Württemberg.


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