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Course abstracts
module 1

what's new in the new media

interactive narrative:
the impact on interaction on drama

module 2

introduction to networked systems

data bases and XML

community systems

databased narrative

games people play

game design

games market and production methodology

role playing

new technologies today and tomorrow


Multi-User Corporative Systems - Project Management

participatory social gaming in mass media

New Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Steffen Knop
Lecture and Case Studies
Module 2


Devices and Trends 

- communication technologies today 
- communication technology tomorrow 
- media convergence

"Nobody wants to use mobile applications! Nobody is interested in interactive television! Nobody is interested in entertaining websites." You can proceed stating such sentences for a long time if you listen to the voice of analysts and other pessimists in these times. Of course, a critical view is necesseary if you work in the convergence industry these days, but have a look at Japan for i-Mode or to the UK for interactive Television.

What are the basics of the success of such new devices? What is the technology behind them? What constraints are there if I want to write concepts for such media? What is the status quo and what will the future look like? The lecture tries to give answers to such questions.

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