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Course abstracts
module 1

what's new in the new media

interactive narrative:
the impact on interaction on drama

module 2

introduction to networked systems

data bases and XML

community systems

databased narrative

games people play

game design

games market and production methodology

role playing

new technologies today and tomorrow


Multi-User Corporative Systems - Project Management

participatory social gaming in mass media

Games Market and Production Methodology

Teut Weidemann
Lecture and Case Studies
Module 2


- History overview of the games industry
- Overview of the Computer and Videogames Market 
- The 5 Year Cycle of the Games Industry and its consequences 
- Developer Structures and Publisher Functions, Relationships and Complications 
- Financing, Pitching, Developing, Mastering - Broke: the death cycle of developers 
- Producing a full game title from start to finish

The past of years of the gaming industry has been chaotic and everchanging. Publishers come and go, developers come and go. It seems there is constant change and chaos. Looking back into the history of the market students will learn that events in this industry are cyclic and have a heavy influence on company structures and strategies of developers and publishers. Students will get an insight of strategic thinking of developers trying to sell their game to publishers and into publishers minds trying to sell into an everchanging market.

The second part of this lecture will give an overview of the classic relationship between developer and publisher and how both are structured. Students will get an insight about game production and its ties into financing, design, market and quality considerations.

Students should walk away from this two day lecture with an overview of the computer and videogames industry so that when faced with business tied into this industry they know about its partially unique properties.

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