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academy of converging media — creating content for the new media
Summer intensive courses - only some few places are left

The academy of converging media provides advanced vocational training for European professionals looking to tool up for the digital revolution in the media industry. In the two content + creation intensive courses are still some few places left. Applications received soon will be taken into consideration.

Each intensive course concentrates on different characteristics found in the new media today. The second, cooperative systems follows on from the first, interactive media. Each course lasts four weeks and provides essential knowledge in the areas of technology, dramaturgy, production methodology, information architecture, and interface design. Teaching is in the form of lectures, case studies, and practical exercises. Both courses finish off with the development of a group project.

Module 1, “interactive media” (June 16 – July 11, 2003), is devoted to the question of human interaction with software. Course participants will focus on the development of interactive, single-user applications. They will learn to look at interaction as a dramaturgical moment, structure the information involved, develop a corresponding media representation, and design appropriate interfaces.

Module 2, “cooperative systems” (July 21 – August 15, 2003), is aimed at people who have already acquired a basic knowledge and experience of the new media. The course focuses on the question of cooperation between users in networked systems. Participants will analyse the types of systems now emerging and discuss the influence of the new media on culture and society. They will learn how to develop content for, and in the context of, multi-user applications, how to promote user participation, and how to support user cooperation.

The trainers at the academy of converging media are recruited from throughout Europe and the US. They are all highly qualified with wide-ranging experience in their respective professional or research fields. The aim of the academy of converging media is to provide enhanced training for the European media industry and thus support the development of new media content. It is a platform for an interdisciplinary discussion about the impact that media and technology have on our culture.

About the academy of converging media

The academy of converging media provides advanced vocational training for people working or looking to work in the new media. Based at the dffb Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (German Film and Television Academy), it was first proposed by the e-content consultants ProjectScope and subsequently founded by the dffb, the Berlin Senate Department of Business and Technology and the Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg. It provides a range of courses designed to meet the need for qualified conceptors, information architects and authors in the new and converging media. The content + creation courses are part of the European Media Programme Training. MDM, cine+, Pixelpark and the TV-meets-the-Web-Seminar presented by Van Dusseldorp & Partners all support the academy of converging media.

academy of converging media
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D - 10115 Berlin
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Maria Burdick
Kommunikation und Marketing
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