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acm: who we are

the academy of converging media…
…is an organisation for continued education at the dffb (German Film- and Television Academy Berlin). Its aim is to professionalize the media industry, enrich the digital realm with content and propagate interdisciplinary discussions on European media and culture.

the programme of the acm
... started with two intensive courses each focusing on one particular aspect of the new media: interaction and cooperation. It links professionals from all disciplines and all European countries with researchers, experts and educators in the new technologies and media to help them prepare for the shift of paradigm in their working world and influence the impact digital technology has on our culture.

Founders of the acm
... are the dffb, Master School Drehbuch and ProjectScope. We plan to offer further courses focusing on other issues in the new media and look at other areas affected by the emergence of new technologies.

For the expansion of our programme, we welcome cooperations with European partners!

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