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Berlin, March 10, 2003

Summer Intensive Courses with Renowned Lecturers from Europe and the U.S.
The academy of converging media in Berlin: Training media professionals in content development for the new media.

Once again, the academy of converging media in Berlin is to stage its content + creation intensive courses this summer, featuring renowned lecturers from Europe and the U.S. All the members of the teaching staff are leading figures in their respective professional or research field.

For example, Mark Meadows, Simon Lovind, Michael Valeur and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer will be on hand to guide course participants through the complexities of linear and nonlinear narrative forms, databased narration and interactive design. In turn, they will ensure that participants have a full opportunity to put into practice all the theory that they have learned.
Similarly, highly experienced trainers such as Jens Jacobson and Teut Weidemann will provide a crucial insight into the production methods associated with the new media and game projects.
In addition, Constanze Bausch, Ernest Adams and Teut Weidemann will be initiating course participants into the secrets of game theory, the games market and game design. Finally, Steffen Knop will chart out the development of new communications technologies as well as project some of the possible future scenarios. And Raimo Lang will be showing how to develop the new formats required for the networked media and helping participants to understand their impact on society.
Trainer profile:

The courses, which are held in the media capital Berlin, will be accompanied by a series of open events which media representatives and other interested persons may attend upon prior application.
Applications for this summer's courses close on April 17, 2003:

Module 1, "interactive media" (June 16 - July 11)
... is devoted to the question of human-software interaction. Course participants will focus on the development of interactive, single-user applications. They will learn to analyse interaction as a dramaturgical moment, structure the information involved, develop corresponding media representations and design appropriate interfaces.
Module 1:

Module 2, "cooperative systems" (July 21 - August 15)
... is aimed at people who already have a basic knowledge and experience of the new media. The course focuses on the question of user cooperation in networked systems. Participants will analyse the types of system now in existence and discuss the influence exercised by the new media on culture and society. They will learn how to develop content for, and in the context of, multi-user applications, how to promote user participation and how to initiate user cooperation.
Module 2:

About the academy of converging media

The academy of converging media provides advanced vocational training for people working or looking to work in the new media. Based at the dffb Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (German Film and Television Academy), it was first proposed by the e-content consultants ProjectScope and subsequently founded by the dffb, the Berlin Senate Department of Business and Technology and the Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg. It provides a range of courses designed to meet the need for qualified conceptors, information architects and authors in the new and converging media. MDM, cine+, Pixelpark and the TV-meets-the-Web-Seminar presented by Van Dusseldorp & Partners all support the academy of converging media.

Contact persons:

academy of converging media
Inga von Staden
Linienstrasse 155
10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-20 67 96 27
Fax: +49-30-22 65 19 14

Maria Burdick
Communication and Marketing
Elvirastrasse 16
80636 Munich
Tel.: +49-89-18 14 15
Fax: +49-89-18 14 49

Adams, Ernest W. ,
Bausch, Constanze,
Halkort, Monika,
Hundsdörfer, Beate,
Jacobson, Jens,
Kuitenbrouwer, Klaas,
Kürvers, Rainer,
Lang, Raimo,
Lovind, Simon,
Meadows, Mark Stephen,
Otwell, Andrew,
Rijken, Dick,
Rueger, Michael,
Thalhofer, Florian,
Valeur, Michael,
Weidemann, Teut,  

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