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Course abstracts
module 1

what's new in the new media

interactive narrative:
the impact on interaction on drama

module 2

introduction to networked systems

data bases and XML

community systems

databased narrative

games people play

game design

games market and production methodology

role playing

new technologies today and tomorrow


Multi-User Corporative Systems - Project Management

participatory social gaming in mass media

Participatory Social Gaming in Mass Media

Raimo Lang
Lectures, Case Studies & Project Work
Module 2


Design for user generated interaction, narration and play 

- user motivation + game strategies + roles 
- thematic structures + processes 
- launched and generated narratives + moderation + participation 
- cross-media + platform characteristics

This session will look into interactivity with emphasis on evolutionary social play, exchange and game.

Most interactive multiuser applications in new media follow various patterns of traditional analog games, plays, meeting rules and rituals. User motivation, tasks, roles and tools are designed to form a succesful playground for a number of audience participants.

Why do some playgrounds work better than others? How do they launch a certain mood and motivational base from the beginning and promise & direct the interaction process in an appropriate way? How do designers study their users in order to form successful applications?

This session with supervised project work focuses on designing and writing interactive mass media environments that can give and keep a promise of a rewarding and productive experience.

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